Jeff Reeck Owner/Practitioner
Bitten by the horse bug as a
kid, Jeff enjoys riding as well
as working on his clients
Ashley and Bill
National Award winning Bill
receives a massage on a
regular basis
Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Dating back to Ancient Greece, equine
massage has proven to be beneficial to
today's equine athletes as well.  Muscles
that are warmed and loosened properly will
perform better and are less likely to be
injured.  Consider that a 1,000 pound horse
has about 600 pounds of muscle.  If those
muscles are stiff and sore, neither one of
you are going to have a good day.

Schedule a massage on a regular basis and
let your horse compete with maximum
SportHorse Massage  LLC
Jeff in
Massage Therapy For Your Equine Athlete
Not a Competitor?
Trail rides present their own set of stresses
on a horse's muscles.  Varied terrain and
footing all force a horse to compensate by
varying muscle tension to maintain balance.
Equine Massage Benefits

Enhances muscle tone and increases range of motion

Assists in balancing the body by treating the body as a whole

Promotes healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the
muscles and carrying away excess fluids and toxins
Past Major

2007, 2008,2009
Technology Days

2008 Midwest
Horse Fair
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Horse Massage Therapy
Primary Service Area:
Madison, Middleton, Wisconsin
Dane, Jefferson, Columbia, Sauk, Rock, Green, Iowa
And Dodge Counties
A Triple Grand!!
2009 Sport Horse
Lexington, KY

Alicia aboard Matinee
Idol, left; Champion in Prix
St. George, ATR and I-1

Katie aboard Ali Oop,
Champion in Training 1

Center is trainer and
instructor for the pair,
Lisa Sharer of
Sharer Equestrian,
Verona, Wisconsin